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How to Make Soil Blocks

"This time of year, we are planting so many seeds in the greenhouse. I love to use a soil-blocker tool to make blocks of soil, which can go directly into the ground at planting time." - Martha

soil block plant grow

Photography: Anders Krusberg

Source: Martha Stewart Living, March 2017


  • For her soil-blocker tool, Martha uses Soil Block Makers (from $28 each,


  1. Moisten a soil-less mix that’s made for seed starting, then pack it into the soil-blocker tool.
  2. Carefully push out the blocks into a tray. The blockers have small dibbles attached. Use them to make a small indentation in each block for placing the seed.
  3. Cover the seed with a thin layer of soil-less mix and water.
  4. Plant the blocks directly into the earth when they’re ready -- no need for extra pots.

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