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Cottage Cheese Is Back

Move over, Greek yogurt! It's time for a cottage cheese revival.

Associate Digital Food Editor
cottage cheese
Photography by: Janelle Jones

No, we’re not here to suggest you go on a cottage cheese diet in 2017. We’re just saying that the humble health food has made a stealthy comeback as of late. Companies including Muuna and Good Culture are updating cottage cheese with hipper packaging and new flavors, from all kinds of fruit-on-the-bottom options to savory pairings like Kalamata olives. The message is clear: this is not your grandma’s cottage cheese! Makers are also pushing the health benefits of cottage cheese over the reigning queen of the dairy aisle, Greek yogurt -- this ugly stepchild has more protein and less sugar.


Meanwhile, word in the restaurant world is that cottage cheese is the new ricotta. Jessica Koslow, the chef behind Sqirl, the toast-and-grain-bowl mecca in Los Angeles, predicted in Eater that “cottage cheese is gonna get a serious resurgence. I’m all about it.” She also told Medium why cottage cheese shouldn’t be underrated: “Cottage cheese if you whip enough turns into this great ricotta-like consistency. I’ve seen it used as a cream cheese replacement before, mixed with herbs and seasoning in Australia and New Zealand. It’s such a versatile ingredient.”


We couldn’t agree more -- we love experimenting with cottage cheese in the kitchen. Try pureeing it with honey for a spectacular cracker topping or with kale and garlic for a savory dip, or using it to lighten up mashed potatoes, grits, or cheesecake. It also makes a delicious protein-rich filling for everything from omelets and crepes to enchiladas and lasagna. Cottage cheese has so much going for it that its appeal even extends to Hollywood. According to W, actress Amanda Seyfried can’t get enough of the curds and wants to “make cottage cheese chic again.” Now that’s a campaign slogan we can get behind!