Seasonal Produce Guide: What to Buy in February

From root vegetables to citrus, here are the foods that are getting us through the final stretch of winter.

Photo: Marcus Nilsson

1. Beets

While winter beets aren't as tender as the smaller ones available in the late spring, they're just as tasty when cooked. Try steaming them for salads or roasting them for soup (yes, hot borscht is a thing!) and don't forget the beet greens! They're delicious sauteed with a little garlic and tomato paste. Another plus: beets keep incredibly well.

Marcus Nilsson

2. Celery Root

While celery root, also known as celeriac, might not be the most photogenic vegetable in the produce aisle, its unique flavor more than makes up for it. It tastes like a cross between celery and parsley when raw and turns buttery and subtly sweet when cooked. Try shaving or julienning the veg for a winter salad or adding it to soup or mashed potatoes. Save the green stalks that sprout from the root for your next stock.

Linda Pugliese

3. Radishes

Thank goodness radishes are available year-round! While winter varieties are typically bigger and thicker-skinned than spring radishes, they boast the same crisp, peppery flavor. Use them raw to brighten avocado toast or tacos or try them roasted or glazed.

Armando Rafael

4. Grapefruit

Whether you choose white, pink, or red, this citrus fruit is a winter lifesaver. We've been using it every which way to perk up our meals morning, noon, and night. Pair it with ricotta and cardamom honey for breakfast, smoked trout and greens for lunch, and roasted beets and salsa verde for dinner. We told you it was versatile!

slices peeled whole tangelo
Andrew Purcell

5. Tangelos

February is one of the peak months for these citrus fruits, so snap them up while you can! A tangerine-pomelo hybrid, they're easy to peel, super juicy, and strike the perfect balance between sweet and tart. Try incorporating them into a fruit salad or adding them to a batch of buttermilk scones.

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