Artist Amanda Joy Wells uses a mix of glazes to achieve a glowing, star-speckled quality.

By Katelyn Chef
February 16, 2017

Normally, stargazers would need a high-powered telescope to witness the beauty of the solar system, but starry constellations, glowing nebulae, and dark pockets of deep space are all within arms reach. In fact, it could be resting on your kitchen counter... if you own one of these handcrafted mugs.

Amanda Joy Wells, the artisan behind Sublime Pottery, offers a galaxy-inspired ceramic collection that is quickly taking off in popularity. She offers coffee lovers and tea drinkers an out-of-this-world experience of sipping their favorite warm beverages from her drinkware. Her luminous drinkware was undoubtedly inspired by the Milky Way's starry swirly trend popping up everywhere in home decor elements to must-have kitchen items. Wells' application of mixing various glazes to her ceramics gives each cup a unique space-like sheen. Thanks to her massive following on Facebook and Instagram, her mugs aren't only in popular demand for drinking, but people prefer to keep their starry lustrous mugs as art pieces too.

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Unfortunately, the demand for Wells' stellar mugs are high, but she keeps on top of her shop restocking as buyers can expect new items to be added several times a month. It pays for true fans of the space-worthy mugs to follow Wells' on social media as she does surprise re-stocks days as well as offer buyer incentives.

With these, there's no need to travel afar to fill your cup with some comic cheer.

Feeling inspired? Create a set of your own one-of-a-kind marbled glass vessels:


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