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When a new season arrives, so does that urge to reorganize the entire house, tame the pile of papers teetering in your home office, and finally slow the amount of clutter collecting in your kitchen junk drawer. Here, we've curated our favorite items and techniques to simplify your space.

Is your workflow interrupted by space-hogging materials? Martha's Staples collection—from desk organizers to storage systems and file folders—is designed to streamline every aspect of your office life. In the kitchen, Martha knows the benefits of optimizing every inch of space. She keeps tools and other pantry staples well stocked in her sleek yet classic kitchenware, part of her collection at Macy's—which also features fresh items for the bedroom that can be easily stored between seasons.

You'll also find a few craft ideas to help introduce new organizers into other areas of your home, including the kid's play space and the foyer or mudroom. Items from Martha's collaboration with Michaels will help you there. Click through to find all the best tips and products that will help you get the job done.

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Fold Bedding Perfectly

macys percale sheet set

Tackle the linen closet once and for all with this trick: Once folded, store the flat and fitted sheets inside a pillow case. Not only does it keep your sheet sets together, it also does away with precariously stacked linens. Thinking it's time for new bedding? The Martha Stewart Collection created for Macy's has you covered with these cotton percale solids.

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Stackable Organization Solutions

staples stack and fit

Overflowing accordion files and ripped paper folders aren't the best at keeping your important documents safe. Replace worn out office supplies with stackable organizers available from Martha's office collection at Staples. Keep more timely materials within reach in neatly stacked inboxes and tuck away records inside file boxes with lids.

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Craft Bins for the Kids

three stenciled bins filled with baseballs soccer ball

Get the family organized with this quick and easy craft from Martha and Michaels. Create personalized canvas bins using Martha's adhesive stencils and craft paints for the kids to store their belongings, school supplies, and toys. Let each family member personalize their own bin with favorite motifs, designs, or their nickname.

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Customize Your Notebook

back to school planner

Instead of hastily flipping through your notebook trying to find a page sans scribble, opt for a new one that's customized to your organizational needs. Once you have the shell of this notebook picked out (we love the bright Martha blue!), add paper, dividers, plastic pockets, a checklist memo pad, and more. When you run out of writing space, switch out the used pages for new. This multi-tasking notebook is part of Martha's office collection at Staples.

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Chalk Up Task Lists

Create a reusable to-do list or weekly chores chart using Martha's chalkboard craft paints and stencils available at Michaels. Teach the kids how to keep track of school assignments, extracurricular activities, and goals.

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Nest Mixing Bowls

macys pastel mixing bowls lids

Avid bakers are all too familiar with recipes that call for ingredients to be mixed in separate bowls. And when all is said and done, you've used almost everything in your kitchen. Replace your set of mismatched mixing bowls with a set that nests—we promise it makes a huge difference. You'll have the versatility of multiple bowls in various sizes, but they'll only take up the space of one. This colorful set from the Martha Stewart Collection created for Macy's is made from durable melamine and comes with lids for food storage.

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Swap In a Quilt and Tote Set

floral quilt set from macys

When you're ready to transition your home with the warmer spring weather, swap your heavy winter comforter for a lighter quilt. This bedding set from the Martha Stewart Collection created for Macy's is a real multi-tasker. Not only is it two-sided—bright floral and colorful stripes—giving you multiple ways to decorate your bedroom, it also includes a matching tote bag for storage and portability. When the season changes, store it compactly in the linen closet. It's also easy to take with you to the beach or park.

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Pack In Your Spices

macys cube spice rack

Variety is the spice of life, but sometimes it can take up valuable space in the kitchen. Condense your seasonings into a rack that does double duty: This one from Martha's collection at Macy's can be folded flat for drawer storage or used easel-style on the countertop. The bamboo construction is eco-friendly, and 16 spices are included, from basil and oregano to pizza seasoning and herbes de Provence.

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Work the Angles With Flatware Trays

macys wood flatware organizer

Make the most of shallow kitchen drawers with a divided tray that will keep contents organized and in place when the drawer is in motion. The diagonal spacers allow you to separate flatware, cooking gadgets, and other extra long tools in a clear view for quick finds. This version from the Martha Stewart Collection created for Macy's is made from eco-friendly bamboo.

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Cut Clutter With A Comprehensive Cutlery Set

macys cutlery and utensil set

If you prefer having your cooking tools within reach on the counter, condense them into a block. This 30-piece assortment from the Martha Stewart Collection created for Macy's includes everything from measuring spoons and scissors to a chef's knife and can opener.

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Make Your Food Storage An Aesthetic

macys glass and wood food storage canisters

Sacks of flour and sugar can get messy and cause the ingredients to go stale. Pack these cooking and baking must-haves into canisters that can either sit on the counter or live in the pantry. Look for varieties that have a tight sealing lid to keep clouds of powder at bay, like these from Martha's collection created for Macy's. We prefer to store in glass containers; that way you can easily view the contents.

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Read The Martha Manual: How to Do (Almost) Everything

the martha manual book cover merch
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Always the teacher, Martha has compiled her best storage and organization knowledge into one resourceful guide. The 400-page, fully-illustrated book features 12 chapters covering how-to topics like maximizing closet space, arranging the pantry, and curating your kids' artwork.

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Customize Storage With Chalkboard Paint


Setting up for dinner parties is a breeze when you know exactly where the dinnerware and linens are stored. Revamp your dining room sideboard with a coat of Martha's chalkboard paint and customize it with stenciled drawer identifiers, all available at Michaels.

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Stencil a Table for the Entryway


You walk in the front door and put your keys down in a place you think you'll remember the next day, but when morning comes, they're nowhere to be found. Position a small table near the entryway to catch keys, loose change, sunglasses, and all of the other things that need a home outside of your pockets. Brush on a coat of Martha's Vintage Decor paint and use stencils to match your entryway décor, all available at Michaels.

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Tame Your Desk with Chic Organizers

staples gold workspace desk organization merch gold desk organizers

Elevate the look of your desktop with these chic organizers from Martha's office collection designed for Staples. Brass accents and colorful linen bases bring pops of color to the sleek glass vessels.

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Create an Office Storage System

staples home organization products

Clear the clutter from your home workspace with durable storage containers that can be securely stacked atop one another, saving you valuable space. These bins from Martha's collection at Staples feature raised lids, so they won't topple over, and labels to easily identify contents. Choose the size that's right for your needs and find a place for everything.

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