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Solo on Valentine's Day? Treat Yourself to a Hyggelig Night In

Think soul-warming recipes, cozy candles, and snuggly socks.

hyggelig night in for Valentine's Day
Photography by: Rebekah Lowin

If you don't have plans this Valentine's Day, and even your girlfriends are out of town, never fear: We've got you covered. Do as the Danes do and turn a dreary February night into something special — something, well, hyggelig!


What is "hyggelig," you ask? It's a form of the word "hygge," which is quite frankly one of our favorite trends of the past few years. And all started overseas. The Danish word means "cozy," and practicing the art of hygge, if you will, is practically a national pastime over in Denmark. It's a fairly ambiguous umbrella term with all sorts of coziness lumped beneath it, from candles to warm, fuzzy socks to snuggling up by a fireplace. Here are our suggestions for turning away from Hallmark cards and drama-filled date nights... and turning towards a hyggelig evening of pure coziness.


Turn on the tunes and light a few candles


Just because you're not out and about on Valentine's Day evening doesn't mean you can’t bring a little festivity into your own home. Romance yourself by turning on some classic tunes (think: Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald). Plus, candles add subtle but fabulous ambiance to Galentine's Day parties and Valentine's Day dinners for two — so why shouldn't they do the same for a hygge night in? If you're feeling particularly ambitious, spend the night crafting a few of your own!


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Pour yourself a cup of tea or a bowl of soul-warming soup


Every hygge evening needs something deliciously warm, steamy, and comforting. We suggest brewing a pot of your favorite tea, but if you're a little hungry, soup will do, too.


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Snuggle up with a book


If the purpose of "hygge" is to escape, we're certain there's no better way to accomplish that than by slipping into a novel. We've compiled some of our favorite reads (and our wishlist picks!) for the new year.


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Put on those socks


No hygge evening is complete without the warmest, fuzziest pair of socks you own. Dig through your dresser until you find just the right ones (if you must, opt for ski socks!) — then blissfully lounge in your home. We're pretty sure you'll see why socks are considered so essential to hygge as soon as you don them.


Or you could always make a pair of felted hand mittens from an old sweater: