One of them even includes wine!

Have you ever seen a person with skin so radiant and lovely that you wonder, "Is there something they are doing that I just don't know about?" Well, the short answer is yes. In fact, there are some best practices that people with good skin abide by-pretty much all of the time. But we have the golden ticket (read: their secrets) for you to adopt as your own.

A.M. and P.M. Cleanse Daily

Most people with good skin will tell you that cleansing is non-negotiable for them. If if they are tired and just want to hop into bed. It's been part of their daily routine since basically forever. And there's a good reason why it makes such a palpable difference in the quality of their skin. Dr. Patricia Wexler, of Wexler Dermatology explains why: "Washing your face twice daily is important because in the morning you are removing any oils or residue from your overnight products and the oil production that takes place while you sleep. It also preps your skin for your daily routine. And, in the evening, you're cleaning your skin of all the free radicals, oils, and makeup that has been on your skin all day which prevents your evening regimen from effectively working."

SPF Is Your Friend

There are still some non-adopters to this one, but every day, every month, all year long you should wear SPF, whether you actually apply sunblock or invest in a foundation or BB cream with SPF included. It will prevent pigmentation and aging due to UV exposure. This one is non-negotiable if you want good skin in the long term.

Avoid Unnecessary Scarring

Easier said than done, especially if you see something in the morning that popped up overnight. But picking at your skin can cause scarring which, as you age, can become more noticeable.

Don't Exfoliate Your Skin Too Much

You're thinking, great, but how do I know? "Well, your skin will tell you if you are exfoliating too often," says Dr. Perlmutter of NYDG. "If you are exfoliating too much your skin may become dry, flaky, and irritated. Usually, it is best to decrease the frequency you exfoliate during the winter to one to two times per week and potentially increase this amount during the warmer months if tolerated."

Double Cleanse at Night

The double cleanse will change your life. Seriously, at first you might think that it is unnecessary, but the condition of your skin will be noticeable after just a few weeks. Why? As Dr. Francesca Fusco of Wexler Dermatology explains, if you wear makeup or SPF, your first cleanse won't get rid of the residue of your makeup or sunscreen. As a result, your regimen may be less successful. Dr. Perlmutter furthers this point by saying, "The first cleanse is done using an oil-based product which removes makeup, excess skin cells, and oil and dirt that has accumulated during the day. The second cleanse is with a gentle cleanser that will penetrate the skin on a deeper level and actually clean the face. This double cleanse process is especially important if you wear a lot of makeup or have very oily skin."


If you told us five years ago that using a roller that pricks tiny holes in your skin (literally microscopic) would have an amazing difference not only in the visual appearance of your skin, but also the overall condition, we would not have believed you. But according to Dr. Wexler, "Micro-needling your skin stimulates collagen repair," In other words, your skin will look plumper and more youthful.

Microcurrent Technology

Much like the above, Dr. Wexler says microcurrent technology can have a drastic effect on your epidermis. It can "increase absorption of nutrients and actives from skincare products, as well as increasing tone and contour of the skin by retraining muscles. It can also increase the production of collagen and elastic tissue," Wexler explains.

Diversify the Actives That You Use in Your Routine

Much like your investment portfolio, your skincare regimen should be diverse. This means using a number of actives (explained here). However, Dr. Perlmutter maintains that you should be using actives that have different effects, because "This practice prevents over-drying and irritation." But don't overdo it. If you vary your skincare routine too much, it doesn't give the actives you use enough time to consistently work the way they should. Pay attention to whether your skin becomes irritated, that might be telling you are varying your routine too often. Mixing and matching are good, but don't take it too far.

Take Red Wine Baths

Sounds like something straight out of Game of Thrones but Dr. Wexler says vinotherapy, as it's called, will do wonders for the skin on your body. "When you add wine to your bath, it acts as a great exfoliator and has lots of antioxidants. Your skin will be smoother and brighter."


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