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Strike-Anywhere Match Jar Valentine

Haven't you heard that love strikes anywhere? Consequently, this match jar makes an adorable, useful, and oh-so-punny gift for your sweetheart (or galentine).

strike-anywhere match jar valentine

Photography: Rebekah Lowin

Source: Martha Stewart


This idea comes from our friend Rebekah Lowin. Want to really impress? We like the idea of pairing it with a homemade candle or two.


  • Mini round glass jar with latch, by Artminds, $1,

  • Martha Stewart Crafts® Medium Punch - Heart, $10.95,

  • White paper
  • Wood Stamp Set, Small Lower Case Alphabet, $8.49,


  1. Cut the paper to size so that it's fitted to your jar, message-in-a-bottle style. Use the stamps, inkpad, and white paper to create a punny message for your match jar recipient. We used the phrase, "You're my perfect match."
    strike-anywhere match jar valentine
  2. Use the punch to cut out a small heart from the sandpaper. Apply glue to the non-grit side and adhere to the glass jar.
  3. Fill jar with matches. Add paper message.

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