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Here's How to Make Your Home Smell Amazing All the Time

Thanks to technology, your home's scent can change whenever you want

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Does the smell of fresh snow bring you back to your childhood? Or maybe a bouquet of roses conjures memories from your wedding. According to Psychology Today, scents can trigger more emotions and memories than images, and some experts even believe the smell of essential oils can have healing properties. 


Scent is powerful -- not to mention enjoyable -- and it's no wonder that fragrance diffusers have become such a popular home item. The craze started with candles and reed diffusers, but today, there are a variety of smart home devices designed to infuse your living space with amazing aromas. 


The Backstory

While they may not have had the luxury of app-controlled scent diffusers, ancient civilizations still took advantage of the aesthetic and therapeutic properties of smell. The University of Maryland Medical Center explains the history of essential oils goes back almost 6,000 years! Civilizations such as the Egyptians, Chinese and Romans used these plant-derived oils for spiritual, hygienic, and ritualistic purposes. 


Despite its long history, the concept of aromatherapy didn't make its way to the United States until around 1980, according to the University of Maryland. However, once it did, aromatherapy products and other types of scent diffusers quickly saturated the market. 


What You Can Buy Now

As technology has advanced, so have scent diffusers. Many early devices relied on evaporation or heat to spread scents -- for example, reed diffusers used rattan sticks to evaporate oils, and candle diffusers heat up the liquid, causing its smell to disperse into a room. 


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Today, high-tech options like ultrasonic diffusers are more common. These devices are filled with both water and essential oils, and they use electronic frequencies to vibrate the liquids, thereby releasing a mist infused with scent. 

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Ultrasonic diffusers have the added bonus of adding water to the air -- a little extra humidity is certainly welcome during dry winter months!


In the past few years though, the idea of having a "smart home" has gained momentum, and companies have come up with several cool innovations for diffusing scent. Products like Lumiere and Moodo are app-controlled scent machines that let you mix and match smells and set timers for dispersal. Not to mention, they're impeccably designed to be unique accents in your home. 


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Today, you can even take your scent diffusers with you when you leave your house. Many companies offer diffusers that clip onto your car's air vents, or plug into USB ports on your computer at work. No matter where you go, you can take your favorite scent with you.

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