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This Kindhearted Boy Invited Local Shelter Dogs to His Birthday Party

"I'm really happy that some dogs get adopted," the boy says. "They'll finally have someone to play with."

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

On a Sunday afternoon at Urban Air Trampoline Park in Waco, Texas, Sterlin Harmon invited all of his friends to celebrate his eighth birthday. There was cake, games, and something extra special.


It was Sterlin's wish to share his celebratory afternoon with local dogs from The Humane Society of Central Texas. Sterlin's mother, Tara Simons wasn't too surprised at her son's compassionate idea to have an adopt-a-dog-birthday party as she told, "Kids want to play with toys, watch cartoons and play with their friends. Sterlin would rather be with animals. He loves them, wants to hang out with them and be their best friend."


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Instead of gifts, Sterlin asked guests to donate food, toys, and blankets to the Humane Society. And the big success of the day? Five of the eight dogs at the party found fur-ever homes. "I'm really happy that some dogs get adopted," he said. "They'll finally have someone to play with." We're willing to bet that the dogs would agree that this adopt-a-dog party was a dog-gone good idea.


In the end, it turned out to be a great day for one birthday boy, but a much better afternoon for dogs in need.