Calling all volunteers!
baby's mohair knit red hat for "Little Hats, Big Hearts"
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In hospitals around the country, newborn babies will be wearing handmade hats in a bright red hue - and it's all for a good cause. To celebrate American Heart Month this February, the American Heart Foundation has launched its "Little Hats, Big Hearts" campaign that aims to raise awareness around heart disease and congenital heart defects, which are the most common type of birth defects in the United States.

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Now here's where you can join in: The AHF is calling on all crocheting and knitting hobbyists to help by making these little red hats. "Supporters are knitting and crocheting red hats to be given out to thousands of babies during American Heart Month in order to empower moms to live heart healthy lives and to help their children do the same," states the foundation's website. The nationwide campaign started in Chicago in 2014 where the foundation first collected 300 hats. Now, they work with hospitals in more than 40 states thanks to volunteers. Doctors say that the earliest a heart deffect is diagnosed and the baby treated, the bigger the chance of the baby having a normal life as an adult.

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Visit their website for free hat patterns and resources. And don't worry: If you're not a knitter or crocheter yourself, you can still help by donating red yarn. Time to pick up your needles and get to crafting!

Feeling extra inspired? Go one more step and knit a pair of cozy mittens to pair with your hat:


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