"She was so choked up and had tears streaming down her face."
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Little Ellie Boshers was celebrating a very important date - her tenth birthday with a whimsical Alice and Wonderland themed party. And while the mad hatter, white rabbit, and red queen would all be in attendance, there was one important person who would not be able to attend... her beloved "Granny." Therefore, to have her grandmother, Rita Blankenship, as a guest, Ellie moved the party to her nursing home so she could partake in the festivities.

At the time, her grandmother was recovering from spinal surgery. "It's just hard to see her having such a hard time," Ellie said to ABC News, "and I was just scared that something might happen and this might be one of the last events." With Ellie's birthday being so close to Christmas and the other holidays, her mother, Kim Bosher always made sure to throw a special party each year. Throughout the years and Ellie's parties, her Granny never missed an event. One year, the two even saw The Nutcracker to celebrate her sixth birthday.

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girl's Alice in Wonderland party

Kim noted that her daughter and her mother, have "always have been pretty close" and went on to elaborate, saying, "Granny has taught Ellie how to sew (and then they started a girls' group at church to teach other young girls to sew), paint, cook, worship, manners, etiquette. She has helped me in so many ways."

Naturally, you could imagine why Ellie decided to uproot her special day just so Granny could be apart of the fun. Together she and her mother along with some storybook inspiration did just that.

Both Ellie and Kim decided to keep the party's location change a big surprise. And the even bigger surprise was Granny's reaction. When Granny had realized what her daughter and granddaughter had pulled off she was utterly delighted. Ellie spoke about the surprise, "I loved it. It was so much fun. My favorite part was pretty much seeing the look on Granny's face."

"I think she was in shock, her expression was priceless," Kimber said. "She was so choked up and had tears streaming down her face."

While the rest of the party consisted of plenty of tea and dreamy little cakes, Kim notes that thanks to her daughter's compassion and love for her grandmother, there were also ''lots of smiles and hugs." It's safe to say, Ellie's tenth birthday will be one she'll always remember.

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