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Martha and Snoop's Super Bowl Commercial Has Arrived!

The dynamic duo brings their je ne sais quoi to a T-Mobile ad.


Martha crosses off a big item on her bucket list today—a Super Bowl commercial! We’ve followed Martha and Snoop’s amazing rapport from the first time they made brownies together to their potluck dinner party show, and now, this milestone: an ad during the most important game of the year! One of our favorite parts about Martha and Snoop's friendship is how much they clearly relish each other’s company despite almost never being on the same page, and this T-Mobile ad is no exception. Spoiler alert: Snoop is looking for a bag of something, and Martha guesses that it’s everything from greenery for his topiary garden to a can of bisque. More hilarious puns ensue! Check out the spot below and keep an eye out for it in the third commercial break during the game tonight.