What's the difference between a punny valentine and a traditional heart-shaped valentine?
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The Crafty Card

People always come to you for advice - both in DIY projects and relationships. But really, who wouldn't with such creative creations like these punny cards? You like to think outside the box, go above and beyond to let someone know how much you care, and devote endless hours to get something just right... even if it results in a less-than-balanced lifestyle for you. You put the same amount of effort and patience in your relationships, holding your loved ones dear.

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The Pop-Up Card

These valentines are so much fun! And that's exactly what you are: fun. You enjoy life to fullest and like to make a statement, be bold, and enjoy your moments in the spotlight. Instead of simply following trends, you like to be innovative and would prefer to be the trend-setter - you usually are the trend-setter. Your outlook on life is generally enthusiastic, filled with positivity, and you always say what's on your mind.

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The Game Card

The theme could be playing cards, a scratch off, or paper fortune teller - no matter. If you gravitate towards creating a game-inspired valentine, you value laughter, spontaneity, and taking risks! Even though you work hard and keep up with your responsibilities, you like to view life as a party, or a game. There's just no sense in living without a little adventure.

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The Heart-Shaped Card

You're a romantic at heart. Year after year, you find that you just can't move away from the classic way of saying, "I love you." Yet, people still always love the cards you give, because you are a genuine person who wears your heart on your sleeve. You don't have to say much, or create elaborate gifts, because people can simply feel your love and warmth radiating outwards. You have a gentle heart and treat everyone with the utmost kindness.

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The Versatile Card

You're a busy woman that's always on the go. When it comes to gift giving, you think the best ones are not only thoughtful, but are also practical. Just like how these bookmark Valentine Cards can be used throughout the year (instead of tossed out days after Valentine's Day), all while being adorable and creative, you know how to perfectly balance fun and practicality. You tend to be detailed and refer to your planner throughout the day. Most of your friends think you are super-woman with all that you are able to accomplish. Even though you tend to be more "Type-A", nobody can deny that you pull off the balancing act amazingly and also have a creative side.

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The Vintage Card

Scripty letters, hand-stamped designs, and yellowed paper - there's just something so wonderfully romantic about it all. If you are head over heels over vintage-inspired Valentine cards, it's probably because you're a true, hopeless romantic. On Friday nights, nothing sounds better than a glass of wine, dark chocolate, and your favorite rom-com, all snuggled up. You pour your soul into your relationships and at times can be a little dramatic, but it's simply because you are so passionate! Other hobbies may include curating wedding Pinterest boards and journaling.

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