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This Illustrator is Sketching His Way Around the World

So far, he's been to the Czech Republic, Poland, Budapest, Hungary, and London.


Česky Krumlov, Czech Republic. From a slightly different angle to the drawing. A sketch of the old town from atop the high castle. . On my current trip I've mostly done quick pencil sketches outside. Then, I'll find a warm cozy place to finish the drawing with a hot meal and a cold beer. Small pencil outlines, then add the broad colours with Promarker pens then finally the black fineliner. Whilst drawing this, clouds had quickly descended on the town and changed the landscape a little. But you get the idea. You can even see my fingers turning pink in the cold. Next I'll be in Prague. Anyone want to join me for a sketch? . . . #maxwellillustration #illustration #penfreaks #fineliner #promarker #pendrawing #ceskykrumlov #czech #usk #urbansketch #urbansketchers #sketchwalker #architecture #archisketcher #travel #travelsketcher #travelsketch #traveldiary #wanderlust #sketchcollector #arch_grap #sketchbook #oldtown #neverstoptraveling #winter #arch_sketch

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Maxwell Tilse, an Australian illustrator turned London, England resident is doing something that many dreams of doing: He is sketching his way around the world – literally. As he travels from one foreign country to the next, he makes an effort to stop and do a postcard sketch of the town that he visits. Of course, he then snaps a quick picture of his landmark postcard sketch to post to Instagram @maxwellilustration. Many if not all of Maxwell's drawings consist of a famous landmark known to the town he currently has both feet in. "In my current trip, I've mostly done quick pencil sketches outside," he says. "Then, I'll find a warm cozy place to finish the drawing with a hot meal and a cold beer."


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If you were simply reading about Tilse's journey without seeing any of his work, you might think his sketches were simple doodles. But make no mistake: They aren't lacking in detail nor. In fact, most if not all of Maxwell's illustrations are immaculately intricate and you'd be surprised by how much detail he can fit on one little postcard.



Thus far, Maxwell has been able to draw pictures from the Czech Republic, Warsaw, Poland, Budapest, Hungary, and London, England among other destinations. Where to next? What will he sketch what next? Follow Maxwell on his artsy adventurous journey.


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