Watch How to Make This Adorable DIY Cat Camper

All you need is a pair of cardboard boxes and a few basic supplies.

DIY cat camper

Here's a little retro-inspired project for you and your furry friend. Now, add two boxes and a little creativity, and suddenly, you have the cutest idea on how to transform leftover cardboard into a vintage kitty camper. Like we said... pretty adorable, right?

Nearly two million people have watched this video to see how you can make your own kitty camper. All you need is a pair of old cardboard boxes, poster board, a box cutter, paint, hot glue, and a good DIY attitude. Following the instructions and cutting out the curved camper shape provided by the template means you are one step closer to assembling a mini camper suitable for any cat that prefers to spend his afternoon lounging in a sunny corner of your living room.

However, the real creative fun begins after the cardboard box takes the shape of a retro camper as it's time to paint and embellish the camper with color, an awning, wheels, and a DIY garland to complete the look. After the paint dries and your cat has moved in for some serious adventurous fun, it's time to grab your camera for a snapshot (#adorable).

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