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This Adult Coloring Book App Lets You Recreate Magical Fairytales

It's being marketed as, "the only adult coloring app to bring the magic of Disney to life with a simple tap of color.''

"Color by Disney" adult coloring book app

Just when you thought you owned every adult coloring book on the market, we're here to introduce you to the latest addition in the adult coloring book craze: Color by Disney. It's being marketed to be, "the only adult coloring app to bring the magic of Disney to life with a simple tap of color.''


Aside from getting to color images from your favorite Disney and Disney Pixar films, you virtually use your finger —meaning no lugging around colored pencils and rainbow pens. Most importantly, you have an endless page coloring book that fits inside your pocket and or purse. The first adult coloring app by Disney has a variety of movies as well as animated characters that you can pick to illustrate depending on your preference and mood. All of the Disney and even Pixar gang can be found in the new app ranging from Snow White, Tangled, the Finding Nemo friends, Anna, Elsa, and even Olaf. On a fun note, we've even spotted some famed villains such as Cruella de Vil to color too. And just as traditional adult coloring books varies in complexity, the coloring app does so too, offering a library of simple images down to more intricate designs that may take a bit more coloring chops. Not to mention, when coloring virtually with this app, there is room to play with special color effects such as glitter and added textures. (Hey, if you have the time, Disney certainly has the magic to invoke your imagination.)


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While you most certainly can snap a picture from a page you've colored from your paper coloring book and post it to your social feeds, the new Color by Disney app offers an easier alternative. After you've finished your masterpiece, you have the option to share with friends and family by connecting the app to your social channels. Volià! You're virtually a Disney designer in your own right! To learn more about the app and price points, see here.


Now the question remains, what character are you going to color first?


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