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7 Stay-at-Home Date Ideas That You'll Love for Valentine's Day

All the romance you need can be found right at home.

Photography by: Roland Bello

1. Heat up the kitchen


Instead of going out for the evening, prepare your romantic meal together as a couple. You'll be able to reconnect over zucchini-ribbon lasagna or add some spice to your date while making roast chicken diavolo. Research says that shared experiences, like cooking together, can lead to long-lasting love between partners. Eating at home also means you can make the experience truly intimate without the interruption of servers or other restaurant patrons.


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2. Open the wine cabinet for a tasting night


If it's been a long time since you've popped the cork on a bottle of Cabernet and enjoyed a glass of wine together, make Valentine's Day the perfect stay-at-home date for a tasting night. You can get as dressed up as you would for an evening out, only to stay in instead to enjoy each other's company.


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3. Recite romantic poetry to each other


Shakespeare, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Anne Bradstreet, ahh, be still our hearts. Reading tends to be a solitary activity, but you can turn it into an intimate date with your loved one by reading aloud to each other. Choose a compilation of verses that you both agree on and take turns reading from the pages. It will open discussion and rekindle the flame of passion between you.


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4. Follow a "Let me count the ways" scavenger hunt 


Leave sweet nothings for your significant other to find throughout the house. You can make it a couple's game that goes all day. Every time you find that little note, or that punny Valentine, send a text (or a kiss) to your sweetie. Count the many ways you love one another for long-lasting romance.


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5. Cozy up for a coffee date


Get in the mood for romance with a quiet, cozy night on the sofa with your significant other. Prepare a light menu of fruit and dipping sauces or pieces of decadent pie. Lit by candlelight, your coffee table date provides the perfect ambiance for Valentine's Day. Make it even more special by reminiscing about those early days in your relationship by looking through old photos and mementos.


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Photography by: Bryan Gardner

6. Start a new hobby together


Maybe it's tango dancing. Or cooking. Or yoga. Or painting. Or gardening (windowsill gardening, that is). Whatever piques your curiosity — now is the time to be bold and experience something new together! Try following along to a demonstrative video or a written how-to.


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7. Write your love story


If you've never written down how you and your love met, this Valentine's Day would be the perfect time to start. You can create a scrapbook that showcases your lives before you met and when you first met. Show the progression of your relationship. You can also take turns writing your version of how you met and fell in love on paper, or record a video sharing your story. Afterward, read your significant other's version out loud and reconnect over the memories.


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Just remember Martha's date night advice to Seth Meyers, "Never go out on your first Valentine's Day. Make it special at home."