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Lunar New Year Candy Tray

Here's a sweet start to the New Year! Our serving platter is tailored to the Tray of Togetherness, which traditionally is a sectional serving platter with eight compartments filled with candies, dried fruits, nuts, and other symbolic treats. Share among friends and family.

Chinese New Year candy tray

Photography: Rebekah Lowin

Source: Martha Stewart


Fill your tray with any treats you wish. We filled ours with shimmery gold chocolates, candied kumquats, sugared mandarin oranges, and other showstopping sweets.


Also pictured: Red Envelopes, 5 for $5.00,


  • 10" Red metallic doily, $2.99, (similar available at
  • Découpage Durable gloss finish, by Martha Stewart Crafts, $10 for 8 oz.,
  • Découpage Brush Set, by Martha Stewart Crafts, $14.99,


  1. Paint découpage finish onto back of decorative doily. Paste onto tray; let dry for 1 to 2 hours.
  2. Paint entire tray with découpage finish; let dry for another 1 to 2 hours. Add a topcoat for extra durability.
  3. Arrange candy cups onto tray, following a circular pattern with one in the center. Fill with treats of your choice.

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