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This Woman is Reinventing the Russian Art of Khokhloma

Each one of her works is appliquéd with gems, pearls, and paint to a strikingly beautiful effect.


Take a peek at the Instagram feed of Russian artist, Daria — known as @dahhhanart to her followers — and it's a spectacle of color, richness, and intricate detail.


Her medium? Plates. These decorative plates — which are crafted in a combined technique of pointillism and appliqué — are so intricate and lovely that her technique has been compared to the Russian folk-style art style known as khokhloma, which is easily distinguished by brightly painted flowers on found wooden objects such as plates.


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Her artwork consists entirely of these painted plates, bedecked in beautiful images. Many of her painted plates depict elegant birds in mid-flight (think rising phoenixes, elegant peacocks, colorful robins).



Other motifs include clock faces and mandala-inspired designs. Daria combines pointillism — a dot-painting technique — with a mix of acrylics, enamel, and appliquéd gems.


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Take a closer look and you will see that the beauty of her work is all in the details. Shortly after the painted dots dry the tedious embellishing work begins. The finishing product aka her Insta post display only a small portion of the elaborate effort that goes into beautifying each plate. Daria provides a series of progress images, which allows us to appreciate how each gem, pearl, and dab of paint contributes to the final effect.


The final effect being the point to point painting style, adhered gems, and painted outlining which combined give her whimsical plates a three-dimensional effect. To see more of Daria's work, follow her on Instagram.


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