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Kitchen Organizing: Making the Most of Your Drawers

Ready to get organized? The kitchen is the room you start with, since it's the center of most living spaces.

Executive Editorial Director Decorating, Home, and Style

The most common problem with kitchens is that there is never enough space for everything. However, there are so many ways to optimize the space you do have without creating a mess of stacks and impossible-to-close cabinets. Here are my tips for getting the most out of kitchen drawers.


1) Instead of simply tossing tea packets and strainers in a drawer, keep them organized with a compartmentalized space like the one above.



2) Create a drawer for measuring cups, scissors, and other helpful tools.



3) Organize napkin rings into plastic containers, so you'll never have to worry about losing or misplacing any rings.



4) Martha collects Japanese knives, which she stacks neatly in their own dedicated drawer.



5) If your kitchen is the hub of your home, chances are you're constantly using it as a second office. Keep all of your labels, stationery, and other supplies in a drawer. Mesh organizers work just as well in a kitchen drawer as in a desk drawer.



6) Martha loves these jadeite containers, and she puts them to good use in this drawer. The small dishes hold all the elements of a well-prepared first-aid kit.


Have all your drawers organized? Here's how to clear up space on your countertops: