For one, a surprising number of people admit to FaceTiming with their pup.
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Ah, dogs. We post about them on Facebook. Share updates about their day. Snap pictures for Instagram - and of course, add the appropriate hashtags. Can you say, er, type: #dogobsessed? A new study from BarkBox reveals how infatuated we - as dog people - are with our furry friends.

The study - Part II of BarkBox's Dog Parent Study - looked at the daily lives of more than 1,000 American dog owners and how they behave on social media. Researchers discovered that they post about their pooches an average six times per week on social media.

More insightful takeaways? At least 17 percent of dog owners admit they've watched their dog on a webcam, and 14 percent admit that they've even Skyped or FaceTimed with them while they were away. This is mostly true of millennials as BarkBox discovered that "Millennials are more likely than non-Millennials (24 percent vs. 13 percent) to watch their dog on a webcam. And Millennials are nearly three times as likely as their older counterparts (23 percent vs. 8 percent) to Skype or FaceTime their dog."

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Aside from the pet cuteness factor, why are we so enamored with our pets? BarkBox has a few ideas, one being that even when we aren't with our pets, we are still thinking about them. Hence, posting photos of them and clicking on other pet posts. That would make sense as the study also identified that 20 percent of the photos on a dog owner's phone is... yep, our pets. And this infatuation is not limited to our own pets - it includes other people's pets too! Dog owners were found to watch up to three videos (or more) a week of other people's pets. (We can't be blamed for loving all dogs, as any canine is just too dog-gone cute to ignore.)

While, these stats may seem a bit extreme, in reality, our dogs give us unconditional love so why would we not want to share that with the world? No bone about it, we #loveourdogs.

Of course, here are a few tips on how to snap the perfect photo of your pet from our team:


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