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Finally! A Fog-Free Bathroom Mirror that Plays Music and Answers Phone Calls

Steamy showers are no match for this smart mirror's anti-fogging technology.

vezzo-mirror_bathroom-style-0117.jpg (skyword:387926)

You probably don't think you need a "smart" mirror, but the cool features on Viio's new line of home accessories might just chance your mind. Seriously, who could say no to an anti-fog wall mirror that plays music, takes phone calls and includes built-in LED lights?


The new line of mirrors includes three styles, and there's one that's perfect for every room of your house. Arguably the best use, however, is in the bathroom -- anti-fog technology means no more wiping down the mirror after a steamy shower. Plus, the built-in light is perfect for doing your makeup or shaving, and the high-quality audio capabilities will keep you entertained as you get ready. You can even answer a phone call via the mirror.


Once you upgrade to a smart mirror, you'll want to hang out in your bathroom all the time!


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