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Did You Know? There's a Secret Underground Market for DIY Slime

And guess who's running it? Kids.


kinetic sand slime 😋

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If your kids have asked you recently to stock up on huge quantities of glue and Borax, don't be alarmed. Apparently, there's a rising demand for homemade slime in middle and high schools across the country. Buzzfeed is reporting that kids are making their own slime at home and then selling it to their classmates. (How's that for home ec?)


"There's a lot of other people who sell slime and it's really annoying because then you don't get as many customers as you want," Lani Whitmer, a 12-year-old from California, told the website. (Oh, the struggle of being a teen-turned-slime-maker.)



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soft crunch part 2 😋 (this is the result of the avalanche slime mixed with foam balls 🤗)

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And in case you doubted the expanse of this "slime market," a simple look at #slime on Instagram shows more than 1.5 million results. And with DIY tutorials popping up all the time online, it's clear that kids take their slime very, very seriously. 


Another teen, Phoebe Koyabe, told the website she tends to obsess over the senses. "I like squishing things and touching soft things," she said. Slime can actually reduce anxiety, because it is a sensory experience that calms people down. It can also help students deal with the pressure at school. And they learn a thing or two about how to start and develop a business, apparently, and those are invaluable skills.


So if you (or your kids!) are looking for a good slime recipe, try our version: