Demand for houses is booming in certain cities -- see if yours made the list of 2017's hottest markets!
Credit: Dana Gallagher

Thinking about selling your home this year? If so, check out this list of the hottest housing markets of 2017. Zillow put together the rankings of the top 10 cities where demand for houses is booming, and if you're located in one of them, it'll likely be a breeze to unload your home.

For its research, Zillow used data on home values, unemployment rates and income growth. The results showed that Nashville, Tennessee, will likely lead the pack in terms of housing, as home appreciation is predicted to increase by 4.3 percent while incomes grow steadily. Seattle came in at No. 2, followed by Provo, Utah, and Orlando, Florida.

"Mid-size cities like Salt Lake City, Portland, and Nashville are desirable places to live, with good employment opportunities and steady economic growth," said Zillow Chief Economist Dr. Svenja Gudell in a statement. "The growth and demand for housing will drive up home prices in 2017, and these hot markets are experiencing change as more people discover them."

Check out the full list:

1. Nashville, TN

2. Seattle, WA

3. Provo, UT

4. Orlando, FL

5. Salt Lake City, UT

6. Portland, OR

7. Knoxville, TN

8. Ogden, UT

9. Denver, CO

10. Sacramento, CA

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