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Oooh! These Bath Bombs Come With a Hidden Sparkly Surprise

Try one and yours could be worth up to $5,000.


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With Valentine's Day approaching, a lot of people have already started thinking about a unique way to propose to their significant other or simply a romantic way to say "I love you." 


And the founder of Pearl Bath Bombs understands that situation very well. Tessa Medlock founded her company based on the epic marriage proposal by her then-boyfriend — he came home one night with a bath bomb in hand to help her relax. Soon after she placed it in the tub, Tessa discovered that there is something hidden inside — an engagement ring. And so she got inspired to start a business and make bath bombs that come with a hidden surprise.


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Just drop one in the tub, watch it fizzle, and pop open the inner sphere for the ring. The company now offers over 30 different types of bath bombs each retailing between $15 and $25. All of them have cocktail rings inside and a redemption code that may lead to an even bigger surprise — a ring valued at $100, $1,000 or even a whopping $5,000.


So regardless of whether you want to propose or just give something different this Valentine's Day, these bath bombs may have just solved your dilemma. (#YouAreWelcome.)


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