Because why get out of bed to go to the movies?
Credit: inyx-bed

Going to see a movie at a theater or a drive-in means you have to brave the cold, the crowds...and put pants on. But this bed is changing all of that.

Drive-in movie theaters have been a favorite for decades as a great, intimate way to watch a big screen movie. In the comfort of your own car, you don't have to listen to other people chew their popcorn and it's a fun setting, but not for everyone.

Now, you can have the same type of movie-going experience but in the comfort of your own bed.

One of the coolest beds we've seen was created by Nyx and it legitimately changes your bed into your own private movie theater. The company calls the bed, "World's most comfortable and advanced bed," and when you think about all the features it has, it's hard to argue otherwise.

The bed comes with a built-in five-point sound system, a drop-down canopy that blocks out the light from the rest of the room, built-in LED lights in a range of colors, a built-in projector and motorized screen for watching movies, drink holders, and an aroma dispenser system.

The company currently has an Indiegogo campaign to help raise the funds to create and test the first batch of these beds and they're hoping to make them available ASAP. At $5000, maybe you can snag yourself one?

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