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Here's a Sweet Idea: Knit for a Cause and Help Animals in Need

Get your needles out and ready.


Calling all crochet, knit, and DIY enthusiasts! You can put your creative skills to work for a good cause this winter and help working animals across the globe.


SPANA, a leading international animal charity, has launched a fundraising campaign called "Big Knit for Vet Kit." Here's how it works: Using one of their free patterns, you can knit your very own Duncan the donkey, Hattie the horse, Oscar the ox — or the new addition for this year, Emma the elephant. You can also crochet Clarence the camel. You can either download their fundraising pack that contains all of the patterns, or order one by mail. The small sponsorship fee helps SPANA staff to provide working animals with free vet care by treating a sick or injured donkey, horse or camel at one of their clinics. 


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What makes this cause so important? In less developed parts of the world, families and entire communities still rely on animals such as horses, donkeys, mules, camels, and oxen, for their livelihoods and in many cases there isn't adequate care for suffering or malnourished animals. (This is one cause we can paws-itively get behind.)


Learning how to knit? Here, we demonstrate how to make a purse stitch: