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3 Cute Sewing Ideas That Say "I Love You"

Personalize a set of winter accessories for someone special.

Photography by: Chelsea Cavanaugh

It's a tall order to make winter accessories entirely from scratch, but it's a snap to add a little sweetener:


1. Warm their hearts (and hands) by sewing a trio of buttons onto each mitten.

Be sure to make multiple tight stitches when sewing a button, so there is no falling off.


2. Stitch pom-poms along the edge of a scarf.

Use thread the color of the scarf, so the stitching on the backside isn't too obvious. Stitch through the middle of the pom-pom, in order to fully secure it. (Extra points if you made the pom-pom from leftover scraps of yarn.)


3. Follow the weave of a knit hat to overstitch a heart, initial, or any other shape. 

Here's how: Use a darning or tapestry needle and yarn in a contrasting color to make duplicate stitches through a hat or mitten, and in minutes, it will have a whole new look.


Sources: Heart buttons, 60¢ each, Creatology pom-poms, $3 for 80,


Another idea? Add a decorative pom-pom to a beanie hat: