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These Quick and Easy Dips Are Just What Your Super Bowl Party Needs

Serve one of these crowd-pleasers -- from a hearty ham-and-spinach dip to a spicy shrimp number -- and you’ll be the MVP of any party.

There are few foods as irresistible as a warm, gooey, deliciously cheesy dip -- especially when you’re sharing it with friends while watching, say, an extremely important football game. Here are three of our latest and greatest recipes.

Photography by: Armando Rafael

Ham-and-Spinach Dip

Our spin on the classic hot spinach dip adds salty Black Forest ham, nutty Manchego, and sweet paprika for extra oomph. Feel free to substitute serrano ham if you want to play up the Spanish flavors.


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Photography by: Armando Rafael

Romesco-and-Bucheron Dip

Bucheron is a semi-aged goat cheese with an edible white rind and fluffy, lemony center. It goes really nicely with homemade romesco, a roasted red pepper and almond spread that originated in Spain, in this flavor-packed dip.


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Photography by: Armando Rafael

Spicy Shrimp Dip

Fiery serrano chiles, fresh lime juice, and cilantro cut the richness of this creamy dip, while a generous sprinkling of panko adds the perfect amount of crunch.


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Party-Transport Tips

If you want to take any of our dips to a get-together, they can be refrigerated for up to 8 hours. Just assemble, then cover them in plastic. When it’s time to cook, remove the plastic and add 5 to 10 minutes to the baking times listed in the recipes. For the ham-and-spinach dip, broiling time is still 3 minutes.


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