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Super Festive (and Green) Holiday Arrangements for Your Table

Being Scandinavian, simplicity in decorating is my guiding light. So, when it comes to holiday flower or greens arrangements I like to keep the color pallette monochromatic, both for the greens, but also for the vases.


I like to use evergreens: pine, spruce, and eucalyptus when decorating for the holidays, as it reminds me of being outdoors and the scent is so incredibly festive.  I also choose my vases carefully because they are just as decorative as the greenery I put in them. This is why I only place one or two sprigs in every vase. It gives space to both the vase and the greenery, and makes it look both modern and elegant.

I then spread the vases all around my house, I got one or two in each bathroom, on my night stand, in the entrée, kitchen - basically there are one or more vases in every room. Sometimes I even put a large vase with one large branch in it, outside the front door if I am expecting guests.


When I am preparing a festive holiday gathering and setting the table I gather few vases with greens together and place together on the table as a centerpiece. Like you see in the video, when I made this beautiful Chocolate Peppermint Tart using one of Martha's delicious recipes, they really set the scene and created a winter wonderland.