When fully decorated, it looks like a full tree — in half the space.
half Christmas tree

Here's the thing about decorating a Christmas tree - you try your hardest only for it to look gorgeous on the side facing the room and then, when it comes to the other side, you slack off a bit because, really, no one's going to see it... right?

Retailers know that little secret very well (after all, they are people like us) and they have thought of a very odd way to accomodate us. The idea is very simple - if only half of a Christmas tree is visible, then why don't we get rid of the other half? And so they did. Introducing (literally) the half Christmas tree.

Before you scoff at the idea, consider this: People who live in small apartments in big cities like New York City often struggle to accomodate a Christmas tree in a space where your living room is also your bedroom and also your kitchen and dining room. Basically, half a tree allows them to bring the Christmas spirit to their place without taking up too much space.

Retailers like Home Depot, Target, and Wayfair have already jumped on the half Christmas tree bandwagon and their customers seem to love it. One person on Target.com wrote: "Looks like a full tree but takes up half the space - Great idea for saving some space!" And while most people seem to have made the purchase for the same reason, there are some who just love a good old prank.

"Finally a half of a Christmas tree. The kids love to run to the other side of the wall in the other room to look for the rest of the tree! Never gets old," another one wrote.

We'd be willing to try it. How about you?

If you're looking for a small-space Christmas tree, consider this adorable DIY mini dowel-built version:

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