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You Have to Try the Spectacular Carrot Cake with Candied Carrot Ribbons Martha Makes on "Martha Bakes" This Week

She also makes an irresistible bourbon bread pudding and a super easy buttermilk pie in the latest episode.

Martha revisits the South on this week's episode of "Martha Bakes" -- the region is just an embarrassment of riches when it comes to dessert! She recreates three sweet treats this time around: an epic carrot cake, which she decorates with beautiful candied carrot ribbons, mini bourbon bread puddings with an addictive bourbon glaze, and a creamy, oh-so-simple buttermilk pie. Make them for the holidays or any occasion that calls for an impressive dessert -- luckily, carrots, bourbon, and buttermilk are available year-round! Get an exclusive look at the recipes below, and be sure to tune in this weekend.

Photography by: Yossy Arefi

1. Carrot Cake

Save this recipe for extra-special occasions -- it's a guaranteed showstopper! Two tiers of spiced carrot cake are slathered with orange-cream cheese frosting and adorned with candied carrot strips.


Get the Carrot Cake Recipe
Photography by: Yossy Arefi

2. Candied Carrot Ribbons and Roses

Martha demonstrates how to transform ordinary carrots into a stunning dessert garnish. Use them to decorate cakes, cupcakes, and so much more!


Get the Candied Carrot Ribbons and Roses Recipe
Photography by: Yossy Arefi

3. Bourbon Bread Pudding

Take it from us, individual-sized bread puddings are the way to go. Your guests will love not having to share this delectable boozy dessert.


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Photography by: Yossy Arefi

4. Buttermilk Pie

Tangy buttermilk, freshly grated lemon zest, and fragrant vanilla take this custard pie to the next level.


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