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5 Little-Known, Next-Level Laundry Tips

These expert tips are sure to help keep your clothes looking like new with every rinse. 

You know that every item of clothing should be washed according to its label, and that things like water temperature and wash cycle all depend on your fabric. But, we bet there are a few lesser known pointers that you're not quite as familiar with. The experts over at Sun Products (the folks behind All, Surf, Snuggles, Sunlight, and Wisk) share six of the biggest pieces of laundry advice that you probably haven't heard before. 


Using Too Much Detergent Can Actually Keep Clothes a Bit Dirty


For a lot of people, the tendency or the urge is to go a little crazy when pouring detergent into their washing machine, since it seems like more detergent will result in cleaner clothes. But the people over at Sun Products say that tha't really not the case, and overdoing it on the soap may actually keep your clothes from coming out of the wash as clean as you want. "Think of washing your clothes like washing your hair," they say. "As long as you have enough shampoo, you can create a lather and get a solid clean. Adding more shampoo doesn’t create extra cleaning, just more suds. It can however -- for both shampoo and for laundry -- impact the rinsing. If excess laundry detergent is used, it can impact the amount of residue left behind."


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You Don’t Need a Stain Remover to Get Stains Out


Stains are the bain of every launderer's existence, and with the host of products on the market that promise to get coffee, wine, dirt, and pen out of your clothes fast, it can be hard to pinpoint the best way to actually go about ridding your clothes of pesky stains. But according to the experts, the trick isn't necessarily having the perfect stain remover to get the job done -- it's just knowing how to use what you've already got in your laundry room to do the trick. "The most effective way to get stains out is to pre-treat. Lesser known is that you can use your liquid detergent to do the job. Generally, there is no need for a separate product. Just pour a little in your cap and then pour onto the stain."


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You Can Fix Wrinkles in Minutes Without an Iron

There are those who enjoy and find it therapeutic to iron wrinkles out of clothes. But if you're someone who find that the process of ironing your laundry once it's out of the wash tends to be a bit tedious, then the people at Sun Products have the perfect post-wash tip for getting clothes looking crisp and ironed without even touching an iron. "For a quick wrinkle fix, pop clothes into the dryer with a clean, damp towel for a few minutes," say the experts. "The result is nearly iron-smooth clothes in a pinch."


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You Should Always Hang Your Skirts and Pants Up 


Once they've gone through the wash, you might not think twice about how you're putting your clothing away in your closets, but the experts say that it's crucial to store everything just right to preserve its quality and shape in the long run. Their biggest tip? "Always hang skirts and trousers on hangers with clips to maintain their drape and pleats." And as for avoiding the dents that often come with hanging up your bottoms on clipped hangers, the experts at Sun Products suggest using cotton make-up pads between the clips and the fabric to keep dents at bay.




Photography by: Matthew Williams

Expensive Detergent is Probably Worth It


We know, we know. So say the detergent people, right? They make a good point.


While a lot of bargain products on supermarket shelves are totally fine to buy in place of their pricier counterparts, laundry detergent is an are where you really don't wanna opt for a selection just because of a cheaper price tag. "When it comes to laundry, price can matter," say the experts. "Products that are less expensive typically do not have the same cleaning performance as a top tier product." This means that when you're looking to save a buck or two, your best bet is to stick to doing it in the other aisles of your store and go for a top quality detergent. 


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