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5 To-Dos for Anybody Looking for Some Weekend Plans

In need of a new lineup of activities to spice up your weekend? We've got it under control, thanks to these five ideas!

While we're all about a lazy Saturday spent lounging around the house, watching Netflix and trying to recuperate after an especially tough week, we also know that the absolute best weekend is one spent trying new things, getting creative, and giving ourselves a little luxurious TLC. To make the most of the next 48 hours, try any of these one-of-a-kind weekend ideas. 


Make Curry Waffles for Breakfast


The weekend is nothing if not a time to experiment with new recipes and flavors, and these curry breakfast waffles certainly do that and more. Extremely flavorful on their own (curry will do that), these are especially delicious when paired with some thinly sliced salmon to top them off. 


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Make a Marble Serving Tray


Marble is one of those prints that always manages to look luxurious, regardless of the presentation or setting. Get that same vibe with this easy homemade serving tray that mimicks the look of traditional marble with nothing more than a plain wooden tray, some paint, and a couple of paintbrushes and sponges.


[DIY: Make your own marble tray with this easy how-to.]
Photography by: Joseph De Leo

Add a Bar Cart to Your Bathroom


If you've been thinking for a while now that your powder room is in need of some storage magic, hit the shops this weekend and grab a bar cart that you can use as your own unique source of bathroom storage. Use the top level of the cart to host things like your everyday beauty products – creams, serums, moisturizers, etc. – and use the bottom for items like extra face towels and less basic or frequently used things. 


[ORGANIZE: Increase bathroom storage space with the addition of a bar cart.]

Reorganize Your Cupboards


When it comes to reorganizing your cupboards and cabinets in the interest of smarter storage, it's possible to achieve results without any additions like shelves and racks. In fact, one super simple way to get things organized is to take a tiny bit of time out of your weekend – and we do mean tiny – to just get smarter about how things are stacked in the cupboard. So, for example, while tea cups and saucers are often placed in the cupboard separately from one another (the saucers are usually stacked one on top of the other, with the teacups somewhere nearby) the smart way to do it is to keep the two items together and stack them that way, instead. It's a beyond simple way to just upgrade your storage without any fancy upgrading tools. 


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Pamper Yourself with a Soothing Eye Treatment


After a long week, anybody could use a nice little bout of pampering. Get yours with the help of this easy DIY eye treatment, which is just a super soothing way to give your eyes a little break. And with a host of all-natural ingredients like chamomile and cucumber, this treatment is one that you can feel good about using knowing that it doesn't contain a lot of the same chemicals present in some off-the-counter eye or night creams. 


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