This life-size AT-ACT replica is the ultimate playhouse for young Star Wars fans.
star-wars-playhouse-1216.jpg (skyword:378947)

This British YouTuber might have just clinched the Dad of the Year title. Just in time for the latest Star Wars movie release, Colin Furze created a life-sized playhouse modeled after the famous AT-ACT cargo transports. It looks cool from the outside, but the inside is even cooler!

The creation is around 18 feet tall, and Furze designed it based on a toy AT-ACT model, paying attention to every last detail. To get inside the massive playhouse, kids push a button that activates a descending step ladder. Inside, there's a nerf gun wrack, pilot's seat, built-in gaming console and plenty of memorabilia. There are even controls that move the "head" of the ship and its fake guns.

The excitement on his son's face is priceless!


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