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9 Tips to Decorating a Very Merry Christmas Mantel

It's all about symmetry (oh, and twinkling lights).

Christmas mantel decorations

Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas in your home? Whether you've had Christmas decorations up since the first of November or your waiting until after the turkey is stuffed, sprucing up your mantel for the holidays can happen anytime during the Christmas season. Use these simple tips when decorating your mantel to make a statement that will last all season long. 


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Christmas mantel decorations

1. Create a Festive Focal Point


Draw the eye into the center by creating a center focal point. This helps create a starting place with the rest of your décor.



2. Display Natural Elements


You can't go wrong with a simple strand of garland when decorating your mantle. Whether faux or the real deal, evergreen garland sings Christmas cheer.  

Christmas mantel decorations

3. Add Traditional Cheer


We love how the tin mailbox adds the perfect amount of vintage charm to this mantle. 



4. Add Cozy Texture


What's Christmas without stockings hung by the chimney with care? The burlap stockings are the perfect tie-in and add just the right amount of texture.


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Christmas mantel decorations

5. Add balance


Symmetry isn't the only answer. Create balance by matching colors and height. This allows you more creative room when decorating.



6. Utilize your space


Mantle décor doesn't have to be limited to just the mantle. Use the floor to showcase gorgeous holiday arrangements or petite Christmas trees. Keep it symmetrical for an eye-catching look.



7. Keep it simple


Simple is often more. The simplicity of this mantle décor makes the details of the house pop. 



8. Play with different heights


Add different levels and don't be afraid to layer. Try layering decorations with charming holiday prints.



9. Light it up 


Whether you are using string lights or candles, adding light to your mantle creates a warm and cuddly Christmas scene. 



Special thanks to Jan Scarpino (@janscarpino) for showcasing her beautiful mantel, and for many of the decorations showcased here plus more Christmas décor, gifts, and last-minute deals.


And here's one more idea for your mantel, akin to the "JOY" sign displayed here:


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