Tinsel, tree toppers, and ornaments are all telling about your personality.

Hauling out the holly, bows, baubles, and wreaths are all ways to get into the seasonal spirit. Our favorite way is simple—putting up your Christmas tree. By following our editors' ideas for ornaments, garlands, and toppers, rest assured that your tree is beautifully decorated from top to bottom. Still, what if you're wondering what kind of style to pursue? We've tried all sorts over the years and, have come to realize a universal truth: Our trees are just as individually unique as the people who decorate them. Here's what your Christmas tree style says about you.

white Christmas tree of pink and orange ornaments
Credit: Roland Bello

The Trend-Setter Tree

Does your tree glow in a pink, vivid blue, or a lime green hue? You're vivacious, fun, and—just like your tree—you like to stand out from the crowd! Having a colorful Christmas tree means you are bold, accepting of the latest trends, and not afraid to speak your mind. Colors, pattern play, and artsy flair in the ornaments are all welcomed details when you go about decorating your most-talked-about Christmas tree.

Credit: Sang An

The Traditionalist Tree

There's nothing like chopping down a grand Fraser Fir at the local tree farm for Christmas. You value family, quality time, traditions, and—perhaps most importantly—authenticity. The tree sap, pine needles, and the occasional tree toppling is all forgiven by the overpowering scent of pine that fills your home during the month of December.

Credit: Johnny Miller

The Savvy Tree

Tabletop or small in size, you know that the size of a Christmas tree isn't a measure of holiday spirit. It's about the love put into choosing, decorating, and caring for it. You're a savvy-thinker: you like to save on space and time, and appreciate the value of a dollar. And as for your friend's robust six-foot blue spruce? You know that, come January, you're the one who will have the last laugh with minimal clean-up required.

Credit: Katya De Grunwald

The Glitzy Glam Tree

Red and green? That's so last Christmas. This year, you're all about a modern palette, shimmering metallic ornaments, and dripping in decadence. Elegance, simple touches, and appreciation for the finer things in life are all qualities that you possess. On a glance, your white tree is refined, fashion-forward, and perfectly ready for a party. (Sound familiar?)

John Derian's Christmas tree of antique and vintage ornaments
Credit: Roland Bello

The Retro Tree

Clearly, you were born in the wrong century. For you, Christmas is all about honoring the past. Each year, you marvel at the tinsel-covered tree in It's a Wonderful Life and you happily collect holiday memorabilia from teensy toys to mismatched collections of mid-century ornaments. You value your family and family history. It doesn't matter to you whether the ornament was crafted from porcelain or a paper towel tube, as they are all precious to you.

Credit: Courtesy of Eric Piasecki Photography

The Modernist Tree

All of the extravagance of the holidays—sparkling toppers, chiming bells, string lights and overladen garlands aren't really your thing—and that's perfectly okay. Instead, you opt for form and function with a tree that's perhaps made of PVC piping and barely takes up any space at all. After all, you like to make a statement and buck the trend.

scandinavian christmas tree with wooden ornaments in living room
Credit: Roland Bello

The Minimalist Tree

Some might think that the only way to decorate a Christmas tree with string lights, and sparkly ornaments. But not you. You like to think outside the box (or evergreen tree, as the case is here with this Scandinavian-inspired wooden dowel tree) and appreciate the idea that less-is-more enough that you live your life by that motto. Ribbons, bows, and other accoutrements of the season are simply not needed, as far as you're concerned. A minimalist, post-modern aesthetic is the prettiest of them all.


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