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The $28,000 "Moonphase" Atmos Clock That Will Stay Accurate Pretty Much Forever

No batteries. No winding. This stunning glass clock essentially runs on air.

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It might seem like magic, but in fact, it's just incredible engineering. The Atmos clock from Swiss watch company Jaeger-LeCoultre doesn't require a battery or winding to tell time. Instead, it runs on air -- atmospheric pressure to be specific. The clock has "lungs" that contain a special blend of gases, and when the temperature fluctuates, the gas mixture expands or contracts, winding the clock.


Jaeger-LeCoultre has released several versions of the timepiece since its creation in 1928, but the latest edition is simply stunning. The Atmos 568 was created by industrial designer Marc Newson and features a crystal glass casing that shows off its inner workings.



The gorgeous clock is said to remain accurate for 4,000 years -- its impressive lifespan is part of the reason it will cost you $28,000. You can hear Newson talk about his design inspiration in this video:



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