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Hanukkah Ornament Wreath

This sparkling, shimmering decoration will last for years to come.

Hanukkah ornament wreath

Photography: Manal Aman

Source: Martha Stewart


  • 6 wooden paint sticks
  • Blue craft paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot glue gun
  • 160 1-inch to 2-inch ornaments


  1. Assemble the sticks into a Star of David shape and hot-glue into place.
  2. Paint the star shape in blue paint.
  3. Glue ornaments to wreath base, working your way all around the star. (No need to worry too much about small gaps peaking through as you already painted the base blue.)
    Hanukkah ornament wreath how-to step
  4. Display your wreath by either hanging it up on hooks or nails. Or, string wide ribbon through the loops and connect the ends with a bow.
    Hanukkah ornament wreath

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