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Genius! How to Rig Your Fridge to Dispense Wine

This kitchen hack is giving new meaning to the term "wine fridge."

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Sure, the water dispenser in your fridge is handy, but how great would it be if it poured wine? One British blogger decided to find out, giving new meaning to the phrase "wine fridge."


Clare Potts, the blogger behind Tweet, decided to conduct a little experiment with the fridge in her new home. Instead of filling the water cooler with its intended liquid, she poured a bottle of wine in there instead. Just like that, she created a built-in alcohol dispenser.



She tweeted out a picture of her invention, and naturally, the internet freaked out. It's the perfect holiday hack, especially if you don't use your water dispenser much. Potts just recommends cleaning out the cooler before you switch back to regular H2O.


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