What did Americans really want to cook this year? Google's got the answer and we've got the recipes!
Credit: Martyna Szczesna

2016 is almost over! As we look back on the year, we're curious -- which recipes really captured people's attention? According to Google, which just released its Year in Search 2016 results, these are the top five recipes that Americans were looking for this year. What we learned: hash brown casserole is everyone's go-to brunch dish, and people aren't over guacamole yet. Also, we're happy to see that a vegetable made it on the list, in between nostalgic favorites like green bean casserole and chicken marsala of course.

1. Green Bean Casserole

This crowd-pleasing Thanksgiving side dish takes the top prize this year. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that we topped ours with bacon?

Get the Green Bean Casserole with Bacon Recipe
Credit: Martyna Szczesna

2. Brussels Sprouts

We love cooking (and eating!) brussels sprouts every which way, and apparently, we're not alone! Try frying them with shallots and adding chiles, lime juice, and maple syrup for a super flavorful side dish.

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Credit: Yunhee Kim

3. Hash Brown Casserole

Most popular brunch dish goes to the humble hash brown casserole. Our next-level version draws inspiration from a loaded baked potato and throws broccoli, sharp cheddar, scallions, and bacon into the mix.

Get the Broccoli-Cheddar Hash-Brown Casserole Recipe

4. Guacamole

Even with rising avocado prices, guac is clearly still everyone's favorite party dip. We've amped ours up with lime juice, jalapeno, garlic, red onion, and cilantro.

Get the Classic Guacamole Recipe
Credit: Bryan Gardner

5. Chicken Marsala

Winner winner chicken dinner! This old-school Italian-American chicken dish is still very much in vogue. We like to use a dry Marsala -- it adds incredible depth of flavor to ordinary chicken breasts and mushrooms.

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