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Buckingham Palace Just Gave a Sneak Peek of Their Christmas Decorations

The embroidered crown ornaments are nothing short of regal.

Buckingham Palace Christmas decorations

It's officially twelve days to Christmas (gasp!) and homes around the world are spruced up with string lights, jingle bells, and towering evergreen trees. We've already shown you the full splendor of the White House, and ritzy hotels around the world. So we couldn't help but wonder... what does the holiday season look like at The Queen's London residence, Buckingham Palace?



Luckily enough, a single tweet from The Royal Family's Twitter account offered a behind-the-scenes look into the halls of the palace, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas," and included a few exclusive photos of their over-the-top decorations. 

Buckingham Palace Christmas decorations

The palace is decorated with pomp and circumstance, as expected of royalty. Roaming the grand halls, you'll see more than one Christmas tree. (There are three at this single stairway entrance.) Each tree is similarly decorated in twinkling white lights, and the boughs are adorned with embroidered crown ornaments made with pearl beads, red velvet, and gold lettering that spells out "Buckingham" — all approved by Her Majesty, no doubt.


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Buckingham Palace Christmas decorations

The gilded staircase is festooned with garlands of greenery and colorful baubles. And even though the Royals themselves were absent, they later gathered for a family portrait just in time to welcome the world's ambassadors to their annual Diplomatic Reception.



Pretty enough for a Christmas card, right?


The pictures are so magical that they remind us of Martha's Gingerbread Abbey house, inspired by the show that the Royal Family loves: