Give your home that cozy feeling with a fresh coat of these living room color ideas.
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When colder weather strikes, you'll be spending more time indoors curled up next to the fire or relaxing on your living room couch. Creating a cozy and comfortable environment starts with the paint color on your walls. From rich, intimate hues of red to neutral, homey earth tones, there are plenty of color choices that will instantly warm up your space.

Take a look at these tips for choosing the perfect living room color this season.

1. Creamy white

The right shade of white can make or break a room. Pick a creamy white for your living room refresh to enhance a classic look. The perfect off-white color can act as a backdrop for your living room decor while creating a cozy living environment.

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2. Mustard yellow

Play up the color in your living room by painting your walls with a warm, mustard yellow. While you might feel hesitant to paint your walls bright yellow, a dark shade of yellow can add a peaceful glow to your space.

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3. Moody green

Traditional and soothing, a dark green-hued space invites serenity and style to a room's design. Try mixing moody green paint into your living room for a hint of elegance that works well with neutral tones and rich browns.

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4. Shades of gray

While gray tones can come off cool and dreary, the right shade of gray will open up your living room and add a little silver lining to the space. Choose a lighter shade of gray for a feminine feel or go bold with a dramatic dark shade for the perfect neutral.

Image Credit: Foley & Cox Interiors

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5. Rich red

Make a statement by selecting a rich, deep red for your living room walls. If you're not ready to commit to an entirely red room, try painting an accent wall for a warm hint of red.

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6. Soft blue

Soft, light shades of blue bring an airy, relaxing vibe to a room. When sorting through living room color ideas to warm up your space, a pale shade of blue can appear cool, but still provide a calming atmosphere that is subtle and effortless.

Image Credit: Structure Home

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7. Tangerine

If you love a warm and vibrant look, dress up your living room walls with shades of orange. Tangerine, blood orange, and pumpkin are all hues of orange to try if you're looking to punch up the color in your living room.

Image Credit: Adeeni Design Group

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