Think of those homemade cookies, candies, and other seasonal treats.
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Ms crafts ornament

These stars are a perfect topper once you wrap homemade cookies from our complete holiday cookie guide, downloadable here.

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What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Ms Crafts scored star
Step 1

Using the provided template, cut out the shapes from a sheet of cardstock. Score every 1/2-inch down the length of the shapes (make sure the scored lines meet the points).

Ms Crafts scored star
Step 2

Glue one strip to another by overlapping at the glue tab. Accordion fold the full strip of cardstock then, connect the ends at the remaining tab.

Ms Crafts scored star
Step 3

Holding down the star to maintain its shape, apply hot glue to the center of the star, then secure with a small piece of cardstock.


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