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A Guy Named Patrick's Favorite Drinks from Instagram

Photography by: Meredith Jenks

Patrick Janelle (the famous face behind the Instagram handle @AGuyNamedPatrick) knows a thing or two about the perfect cocktail party—trust us. Most recently, we asked him and master mixologist, Maxwell Britten, to show us how they'd throw a retro-modern cocktail party (all the vintage-y details, here). While we had a blast planning for this party, we knew you were getting busy planning holiday parties of your own. So, we wanted you to share your concoctions with us on Instagram. Below, A Guy Named Patrick handpicked and commented on his favorites:




A photo posted by Rachael Blake (@rachael_lynne_) on

The photo is gorgeous and I love any spin on a classic campari drink.




Loving the idea of adding rosemary to a classic cocktail to give it a festive kick.





A photo posted by KELLEY CLARKE STARR (@kelleystarr) on

A boulevardier is one of my favorite cocktails and why not add some mint for a holiday twist?





A photo posted by Twist Your Spirits (@twisturspirits) on

Replacing fresh orange peel with a dried orange slice is the perfect way to turn the classic into a seasonal treat.




I personally had a vegetarian Thanksgiving, and I admire anyone who departs from traditions to create new ones.




Um—this looks extremely decadent!





A photo posted by Fox and Crane (@foxandcrane) on

How high up did the photographer have to climb to snap this overhead shot? Love it!





A photo posted by Marcel I (@captainmarcel) on

Looks like a fun variation on the traditional Moscow Mule.





A photo posted by Teresa Marie (@teresa_troyano) on

Can't get any more festive than jewel tones and pomegranates.





A photo posted by Lauren M. (@rhinsker) on

A holiday Scorpion Punch… I'm sure it was a knockout!