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This is What a Record-Setting 1,378 Christmas Tree Display Looks Like

The annual tradition started over 14 years ago with 100 trees.


One beautifully decorated tree is festive. Two lighted trees are better and five trees are, well, a full-on party. But can you imagine lighting and decorating 1,378 Christmas trees? The mere idea seems utterly daunting, but one church in the United Kingdom has done just that. 


The church, St. Mary's in Mowbray, Leicestershire decorated and displayed 916 Christmas trees last year. And this season, St. Mary's increased their tree number by 124 additional trees as reported by the BBC News. The church has a wide selection of both real and artificial trees in their holiday mix. One of the trees this year is meant to symbolize Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert with its Victorian-themed decorations and garnishes. Each tree is individually decorated with various themes and ornaments.


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Ian Neal, the festival event planner told the BCC that, "We've got a lot more artificial trees [than previously] but there's a lot of intrigues really. A roofing company made a tree totally out of their materials." With so many trees in the church, the question is often asked, ''Who decorates all the trees?" Well, according to the BBC, family, schools, work groups, organizations, as well as charities come to decorate their own designated tree. This year, you will even be able to find a tree decorated that has American roots. Aside from creating a pretty spectacle to behold by many, there is a deeper more philanthropical purpose to housing all the trees. The Christmas tree festival raises money for charity. This year, the designated charity is Home Start which is a prominent family oriented charity in the United Kingdom. Last year, it was reported that the festival of many trees raised over $25,000. Another portion of the festival proceeds will go to remodeling and restoring elements of the church, St. Mary's.


Truly, the site of a thousand plus Christmas trees is a pretty one to see, but the deeper purpose behind the twinkling lights and glowing ornaments just might be merrier.


Feeling inspired? Try making your own shimmery fringe Chrismas tree: