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7 Rainbow Christmas Trees That Made us Say "Wow!"

Plus, see the one tree that inspired them all.


We can't get over this rainbow-inspired tree from @inspiredbycharm. ❤️💛💚💙💜

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When it comes to Christmas trees, we've seen them decorated in every color of the rainbow: white and goldpretty pastels, silver and blue, and that's just the beginning. So it was inevitable that someone had the brilliant idea of combining them into one very merry tree.


When clustered by color, the ball ornaments form a gradient effect that's nothing short of spectacular. Michael Wurm Jr., lifestyle blogger and creative voice behind Inspired by Charm, decorated this showstopper tree and says that it took him well over a year to collect all of the ornaments in the hues needed to form a full rainbow. Just like any other holiday enthusiast, he recalls decorating trees in different colors over the years until, "I said, why not do it in a full rainbow of colors?" And just like that, the rainbow Christmas tree trend was born. This year, similar colorful creations have began popping up all over. Let's take a tour of some of our favorites, shall we?


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Starting with this one: ROYGBIV? More like OMG WOW.



rainbow tree this year. 🎄❤️💜💙💚💛😎#christmas #rainbowchristmastree

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This teensy tree proves the beauty of the rainbow decorating trend: you don't need a ton of ornaments to make a big statement.


Of course, who said you needed to use a green tree? Not us. This wintry white is even more technicolor and makes each color gradient pop.



My mom always makes cute Christmas trees 🌹🐩💜🐚🐸🍁💛🕊

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Still not convinced on that white tree? (Ahem, see above.)


Same idea, more sparse. This tree still achieves the beautiful gradient effect with fewer ornaments.



Our Christmas tree 2015 #christmas #christmastree #rainbow #rainbowchristmastree

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Or cluster them tightly together! We like that this tree uses a variety of ornaments.


Now, if you don't mind us, we're off to collect ornaments in every color and give this trend a try! (Hear about the trend before it goes viral on Instagram when you sign up for our newsletter!)


Feeling inspired? You can create the same colorful gradient effect on a smaller scale with a miniature dowel tree: