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Having a Gimlet or a Martini? What's the Right Glass for That Gin Cocktail?

For the ultimate drink you need the best ingredients -- and that includes the glass!

Craft cocktail enthusiasts know that to make the perfect drink, you need the highest quality, freshest ingredients. But how often do we think about another central aspect of the ideal cocktail  -- the glass?

Denver Cramer and Liely Faulkner, the designers behind Australian glassware company Denver + Liely, spend a lot of time thinking about just that. They say their 'perfect gin glass' is the optimal shape for a classic gin cocktail or a new school sipping gin. It has a wide base that provides plenty of room for ice. It narrows slightly closer to the top, concentrating the aromas. The dimensions of the glass are so specific that each is hand blown.

What can glass shape actually do to affect they way you enjoy a cocktail? Let's look at the traditional glasses for classic gin cocktails.

Photography by: Bryan Gardner

The Martini Glass or Up Glass

This classic silhouette is ideal for the Gin Martini. The stem keeps the drinker's warm hands away from the bowl, helping to keep the drink colder longer, which is important, as most drinks in this glassware are served 'up,' or without ice. The conical shape of the glass keeps ingredients pushed together, and helps keep spirits of different densities mixed. The large surface area means that every sip brings a huge serving of that juniper-filled aroma that makes gin so delightful.

Coupe Glass

Originally designed to serve champagne, this glass has been adopted by many bartenders as an easier-to-drink-out-of alternative to the martini glass.



Rocks Glass or Old Fashioned Glass

Easy to hold and designed to have plenty of room for ice, the rocks glass is perfect for cocktails that are built in the glass, like the Negroni. That big opening helps channel aromas, but not nearly as powerfully as the martini glass.

Photography by: Emily Kate Roemer
A Tom Collins is served in a Collins glass

Highball Glass or Collins Glass or Delmonico

Technically, these are three separate glasses, but they all serve a similar purpose. Their long, slender shape is perfect for maintaining bubbles, perfect for any drink that features tonic or soda, like a Tom Collins or Gin Fizz.

What is the perfect glass for you? Do a taste test with one of these holiday gin cocktails?


Watch how to shake up this classic gin, lemon, and honey cocktail, the Bee's Knees -- that we serve in a Martini glass: