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Finally! Paper Towels Get a Less-Wasteful, More-Useful Redesign

There are some standing products we rely on to keep our house tidy and paper towels are key for those kitchen spills and kid messes. They've been around forever and finally a company has taken paper towels to the next level with their simple, but effective redesign.

Life is messy and whether you have kids, pets or you're on your own, paper towels are one of those handy house products that make life easier. They're great to clean up spills, wipe ovens and windows and can act as a napkin when you're in a pinch.


But, for them to be accessible when you really need them, like when you've dropped a glass of wine on the floor and you want to wipe it before it reaches the living room carpet, you need to have the roll secured in a holder. Otherwise, you're not just grabbing one sheet, but you're flinging the whole roll around and hoping for the best.



A new company saw that flaw in the traditional paper towel rolls and they decided to redesign the household item to make it far easier to grab a sheet in those hurried moments. Ora, a new modern paper towel justlaunched in select Target stores across the United States and they look like the perfect balance between convenience and ease of use.


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According to their press release, "Ora isthe first all-round paper towel that features a modern, compact stacking system, allowing you to grab a single sheet with just one hand," and it's compact design also allows for less clutter space on the counter and no need for those bulky paper towel holders.



Ora is available for purchase in single, double or triple packs and retails for $2.99 (single), $5.49 (double) and $7.99 (triple).